Are you ready to take your life back?

Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis is hard. I’ve been where you all are, but I found a way to feel great again.

I’ve helped hundreds of others to do the same. You can feel great again too with my Autoimmune 90 Day Transformation, a program designed to help you shift to a more natural way of living one step at a time.

90 Day Transformation is a three month program that will change your life.  It incorporates both one on one and group coaching, daily help & support via a private Facebook group and more for people just like you.

You’ll learn how to make dietary changes to improve your health, implement exercise, get rid of supplement confusion, and learn how essential oils can improve your overall health and wellness all with a small group of peers that are going through the process with you.

Group space is limited to just 15. Next Session Starts January 1st

Get the full 90 Day Transformation program with your purchase of a doTERRA Natural Solutions Set* from me.  


Group space is limited to just 15. Next session starts January 1

*other starter sets also available. Scroll down to see options or contact me to put a custom set together.

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What EXACTLY does the 
90 Day Transformation include?

  • Three 30 minute one-on-one wellness strategy sessions ($150)
  • Weekly group sessions ($75)
  • Private Facebook group with daily helps (priceless)
  • Access to the Autoimmune Wellness self study course ($97)
  • All the oils, supplements, and products you need to get started (retails at over $770 if you start with Natural Solutions)
  • Membership in the private Oil Adventure Facebook Group for oil support & education (priceless)
  • Wholesale pricing on oils and supplements for a full year ($35)

doTERRA Natural Solutions -
Everything you need to begin YOUR transformation


A more balanced lifestyle

August 2015, Finally feeling some hope by meeting Sally, I was so ready to try anything to help me deal with my chronic issues. I am currently a user and sharer of doTERRA oils and products. Living with pain and UC for years, I needed to find a healthier way to get relief without another prescription for pharmaceuticals which side effects were just as awful as the issues I had been living with. Numerous medications have been discontinued along the way. I did this along with my Doctors advice and support. Slowly making healthier choices everyday to live a more balanced lifestyle.

-Connie N.

I have my days back

For the past 7 years I have been suffering with a combination of Rheumatoid and Psoriatic Arthritis's. I've dealt with pain in my hands, ankles and hips for the past couple of years to the point where I couldn't even take my dog for a walk. I was unable to do things that I used to enjoy. One day in my research online I came across the Sally’s blog about using natural options to help manage Rheumatoid. With Sally’s help, I started with the Lifelong Vitality Pack and the Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex and Deep Blue Rub.  Within the first two weeks I was starting to feel like my old self. I've been taking the LLV's and Deep Blue Combo for about two months now and I have my days back, no more lost days.

-Sandee M.

Grateful for help

I have enjoyed having the opportunity to learn in my wellness journey through the mentorship of Sally. When I have a question or idea, she is right there to help with the implementation of ideas and answers to any questions that may arise.She has been and continues to be the person that I turn too when I need that extra help. Sally does a lot of research and reading to make sure she is at the top of her game in helping her people. And for that I am very grateful!

-Becky P.

So who is Sally Farrington and how can she help you?

Sally was diagnosed with RA in 2010 and spent several years attempting to manage her issues solely the traditional way.  Life was not good - it felt like the world was going on without her. Eventually she began to explore natural options and started to create a wellness plan that included the best of both western and eastern theories.  And the difference between how she felt was NIGHT AND DAY. Friends and acquaintances began to ask her for help figuring out their own wellness path.  
From those small beginnings, Hope Health Healing was born.  

Now Sally shares her experiences and assists others in finding their own personal wellness path. Through support, and a never give up attitude, Sally has helped hundreds of people feel empowered to take care of themselves and start to feel great again.

Group space is limited to just 15. Next Session Starts January 1st


I’m not a tree-hugger.  I'm not crunchy or granola.  Is this still for me?

While I used to have birkenstocks, I’m not a crazy crunchy person either.  Just a normal-sh person who wants to feel better.  For reals.  And it’s so easy to learn how to safely incorporate oils into just about every area of your life.  Though warning, you may run across people who roll their eyes at your “voodoo oils”. I don’t mind.  People roll their eyes at me all the time anyway.

I’m reading this while enjoying my quarter pounder with cheese.  Is this a crazy diet I’ll never be able to follow?

I’ve done strict elimination diets - and they are HARD to stick to.  I have developed a more step by step approach  to help you gradually give up the junk and make better choices.  Once you start feeling the difference, it gets easier.  (And yes, you’ll still be able to enjoy a burger and fries)

I don’t like supplements  Why would I want to add another handful of pills to my day?

Well, look at it this way.  We’re all going to take a handful of pills for something.  Wouldn’t you rather it be natural and supportive vs causing you to need a liver transplant? Taking supplements that give me focus, energy, and better health?  I’ll say yes all day long.

I’m allergic to exercise.  What are you going to do about that?

First, you are NOT allergic to exercise.  But I will brainstorm with you to find things you’d enjoy AND I’ll help you make a plan, and be your accountability buddy to make sure I do everything possible to encourage you to stick with it.

Will people think I’m freakin’ crazy for doing this?

To be honest? Yes.  But don’t let that make you salty about it.  More people will think you are AWESOME and INSPIRING and cheer you on as you start feeling great again.

What if I can’t afford it?

Do me a favor, number one, put taking care of yourself WAY higher on the necessity list.  Think about what you’ll save along the way in healthcare costs — AND how awesome it will be to feel good again.  Let me ask an honest question, no judgment on the answer. If your computer or TV or phone broke tomorrow, would you figure out a way to replace them?  Most people answer yes.  Aren't you a whole lot more valuable and important than that?  
The program costs just a few dollars a day, and the results you'll get are priceless.

Group space is limited to just 15. Next Session Starts January 1st

The Home Essentials Set ($275)  is another option that qualifies you for the program.  Ten awesome oils and a diffuser will get you started.  You will need to get the Lifelong Vitality Supplements ($79.50)  the following month (or you can add them onto your initial order

The Cleanse and Restore Set ($245) will also get you started in the 90 Day Transformation.  As with Home Essentials, there will be additional products you will need to get the following month.  


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The information included in the program is for educational purposes only. It is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. The Client should always consult his or her healthcare provider to determine the appropriateness of the information for their own situation or if they have any questions regarding a medical condition or treatment plan. 

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