Let's learn about Blue Tansy. Is it really blue?

blue tansy essential oilI've been really enjoying learning about the new oils that doTERRA recently released.

I just sat down today to dig into uses for Blue Tansy.  I knew it was an important component of Deep Blue Rub (SO many people's favorite), but I haven't used it yet for anything else,  Guess I've been too obsessed with Copaiba!

Blue Tansy actually comes from a YELLOW flower in the Chamomile family, harvested in Morocco.  It gains its blue color during distillation.  According to the doTERRA blog, "A sesquiterpene compound called matricin, which is found naturally in the aerial parts of chamomile plants, goes through a reaction when it is in the presence of water vapor at high temperatures. The reaction product is chamazulene, a sesquiterpene with a deep blue hue and soothing properties."  All chamomile oils contain chamazulene, but Blue Tansy has the highest concentration of it.

A super powerful oil, it supports healthy immune function (Yes! SPOONIES! Another good for for us!), skin health, healthy nervous system, and is high in antioxidants. But top of the list is Blue Tansy's amazing ability for joint and muscle support (why it is in Deep Blue, and why Deep Blue is called Deep Blue!)

This oil makes a perfect addition to any massage blend. And the great thing is that you need just a TINY bit to be effective.  So while it is a more expensive oil, you'll get a ton of mileage out of a 5mL bottle.  

blue tansy essential oilIs it really that blue?

Yes. It sure is. But it's temporary, and for most uses, you only need a drop or two, so the bluing effect will be very minimal.

Here are a few uses for Blue Tansy, if you have additional usage suggestions, please post in the comments.

Calming Massage
3 drops doTERRA Blue Tansy
2 drops doTERRA Lavender
2 dops doTERRA Siberian Fir

Place in empty 15mL bottle (or similar) and top with carrier oil of your choice.  PERFECT for tired muscles at the end of the day.

Time to Unwind Diffuser blend
2 drops doTERRA Blue Tansy
2 drops doTERRA Bergamot
2 drops doTERRA Copaiba

Place in ultrasonic diffuser, put your feet up, and enjoy.

Digestive Support Roller
2-4 drops doTERRA Grapefruit
2-4 drops doTERRA Ginger
2 drops doTERRA Blue Tansy

Place in 10mL roller and top with carrier oil of choice.  Use topically on abdomen as needed.

Super Skin 
2 drops doTERRA Blue Tansy
2 drops doTERRA Helichrysum

Place in 10mL roller and top with carrier oil of choice.  Use to promote healthy skin.

I'm happy to have this in my joint/muscle arsenal.  If you'd like to add this oil to yours as well, I'd love to chat with you about it, or you can visit my site to order.What use are you the most interested in?

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blue tansy essential oil

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