Roll on this amazing oil & watch your stress melt away

Neroli oil for autoimmune issues

Once again, my trip to Salt Lake City for the doTERRA convention was tiring but oh-so-worth it. 

I’ve learned to listen to my body and rest when I need to - and even how to say no to some fun events in order to be able to enjoy the real meat of the convention: learning much about the science behind the oils, supplements, and products.

It was a great new product year for us spoonie folks!  So many of the oils have huge benefits for our overall health and wellness.  I’ll sharing a bit about how they can benefit us over the next few blog posts.  

We are going to start with Neroli oil.  It’s a beautiful oil from the flower of the Bitter Orange tree, so it has a soft floral scent with amazing citrus undertones.  It’s been used in the perfume industry, and I can see why. The aroma is simply wonderful.

The moment I smelled it, I felt my stress level drop.  It’s an incredibly calming - and because of that there’s a massive list of benefits from Neroli.

Because it is so relaxing, it will help with supporting good sleep, healthy blood pressure and cortisol levels.  It can help calm occasional headaches and shines as a skin oil for soothing irritations and keeping your skin healthy and young looking.

How is that for multi-purpose?  

All of those uses are fantastic for anyone, but what makes it perfect for autoimmune people is it does all those things AND promotes a healthy inflammatory response.  Have joints or muscles that need to be calmed down?  This is the ticket.

I love that the doTERRA  Neroli comes as a touch roller, which makes it easy.  Diluted oils are the smartest way for topical use - it allows for your body to absorb more of the essential oil so you will get as much benefit as possible.

Incorporating things like Neroli into your wellness routine is way less complicated than you may think.  Head over to my handy Messenger Bot and let's schedule a 30minute free consult & we'll make a plan for getting your life back on track and help you start feel great everyday.

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