Lovely Leave-In Conditioning DIY Spray

DIY Leave in conditioner for healthy hair

Our family has been working to get replace of all the harsh products in our home with more natural options.

When I began to study about natural living, I had no idea how many places harsh chemicals were hiding.  Yes, in your shampoo and conditioner too. I started using the doTERRA shampoo and conditioner quite awhile ago and have had great results with both, but sometimes my hair needs some extra leave in love. Thankfully it's much healthier now then it was when I was on all those RA medications (wish I knew then what I know now). Chronic illness people, I know you know what I mean. Between better diet, great supplements, and an overall improved lifestyle my hair and skin have definitely improved.  However, I do use a straightener daily to get out those stupid pieces of hair that just don't lay right.  Combine that with summer harshness, and some TLC is needed.

Enter this super simple Leave In Conditioner.

DIY Leave in conditioner for healthy hair

The two essential oils (Ylang Ylang & Lavender) in this spray not only smell great together, but they each offer great benefits. Seriously.  It smells Deeeee-vine

We produce sebum to keep our hair and scalp healthy. When insufficient sebum is produced, the scalp becomes dry and hair becomes thin and brittle. So, for people with dry hair, Ylang Ylang Essential Oil can be used as a natural conditioning agent. It stimulates the sebaceous glands and increases the production of sebum, which keeps the hair healthy and conditioned. It can also help prevent split ends and damage.

Lavender also balances sebum production, making it a great companion to Ylang Ylang. Regular use of lavender oil can increase scalp circulation, reduce hair loss and make hair strong and shiny.

Both of these oils are wonderful for reducing stress, increasing the chillax factor in our lives.  Stress can cause hair loss, so we got ya covered on this front too.

Oh, and the doTERRA Conditioner? It contains botanical extracts that provide hair color maintenance and protection as well as lipids that support healthy-looking hair. It has its own blend of oils too; more Lavender, Peppermint, Marjoram, Cedarwood, Lavandin, Rosemary, Niaouli, and Eucalyptus.

So how do you make it (brace yourself, this could take all of 5 minutes - including gathering supplies)

DIY Leave in conditioner for healthy hair

Lovely Leave In Conditioning Spray

3 oz water

1 Tablespoon doTERRA Soothing Conditioner

4 drops doTERRA Lavender Essential Oil

4 drops doTERRA Ylang Ylang Essential Oil

4 oz Spray Bottle

Combine all ingredients in bottle.

To use, shake and spray onto damp hair then style as desired.

DIY Leave in conditioner for healthy hair

This would also be a great spray to throw in your bag for the pool or beach - wet hair before you swim and use to help reduce the damage from pool chemicals or salt & sun.  Use after swimming as well.  When you rinse out your hair, finish of with a few sprays and massage into hair.

Rosemary would be another great oil to use in this spray.  Feel free to experiment with other oils that support healthy hair and scalp.  It's fun to customize recipes to meet your needs (and your nose!).

DIY Leave in conditioner for healthy hair

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Sounds like a mix my hair would like.

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