Respiratory support with Douglas Fir and a whole lot more

So as you all know I’ve been struggling with some respiratory muckity-much for the past few weeks. 

douglas fir respiratory support

And what I tend to when I’m dealing with something is research the heck out of it.  I know not everyone is like that, but I really enjoy finding new ways to deal with stuff – and then y’all can benefit from it ‘cause I’ll share what I learn with you.

So I haven’t been able to completely shake this crud.  I know a lot of it has to do with Actemra, but I still want it to go away.  Last week I sat down with my favorite oil reference book, checked the index for respiratory support and *bingo* I learned a bunch of new things.

I was sitting on the back porch digging through the Essential Life telling Hanapoo all that Douglas Fir was good for.  (One of which is respiratory support but the list is long, so hang on for that.)  She was busy with school work but stopped what she was doing – totally focused on me and decidedly announced that she needed to start using that oil all the time because she needed just about everything it did.  It has quickly become one of her favorites.  She made sure I brought it on this adventure we are on. 

Being able to use one thing for many is definitely one of the things that sold me on oils.  I love versatility.  Heck I multi-task all the time, so if something can handle more than one thing at once, I’m a fan!  And for those of us who have spent any time in the “different pill for every single thing and side effect” world, less is definitely more. 

So Douglas Fir:

For respiratory support, it’s quickly becoming a go to in our house- diffuse, or on chest & bridge of nose.

It’s amazing for mental fog or low energy. Applied to temples or diffused, it will clear your mind and revive enthusiasm.  Not only that, it relaxes and grounds you. Emotionally it can relieve upset feelings and make you feel renewed

Okay spoonie friends – you will love this one – it’s also great for muscle and joint soreness of all kind (add some wintergreen and carrier oil for a great massage on affected areas)

Digestive issues – massage onto abdomen for support.

Skin irritations? Apply diluted to areas of concerned.

See what I mean?  I love it!  It smells like Christmas Tree, so that’s a win as well.  

respiratory support with douglas fir essential oil

I’ve been playing with different diffuser blends using it.  So far my favorite:

3 drops each Bergamot and Douglas Fir

3 each of Grapefruit and Doug are pretty amazing as well.

Haven’t tried this one, but 3 drops Doug, 2 Cinnamon, and 3 Citrus Bliss is supposed to smell like Apple Pie.  When I get home from my trip, I’m giving it a try.  I didn’t bring cinnamon with me, so I have to be patient.

And in a roller bottle?  Combine equal amounts Doug and Lemon for a focusing blend.  I use about 7 or 8 drops of each in a 10mL bottle, you can adjust higher or lower based on your needs and sensitivities.

Same with Wintergreen & Doug.  Makes a great soothing roller to throw in your purse or gym bag to soothe muscles and joints.

If you’ve never tried oils and would like a small sample of this one, fill out the form below and we can chat about it! 

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