Road Trips with RA

Road Trips with RA don’t have to be miserable

road trips with raThis week I had the privilege to travel 8 plus hours to Orlando for the doTERRA Leadership Conference.  It was an incredible experience, and oh-so-valuable for my business and personal growth.  But road trips with RA is a challenge fr sure.  It made more sense for us to drive, so my bud Kelli and I set off on our Thelma and Louise adventure.

RA Warriors, you know what a long car trip can mean right?  Stiff & painful joints, extreme fatigue, brain fog, and the risk of illness from exposure to WHO KNOWS WHAT (Have you seen some of those gas station bathrooms…….) But there are some tricks and tips that I’ve learned over the years to make traveling with RA less miserable and a lot more fun.

And this trip was a lot of fun.

road trips with ra

Kell and I run a thousand miles an hour most of the time and don’t get chance to catch up often enough.  So there was lots of chatter and laughing.  Leadership was inspiring and educational (doTERRA really is an amazing company to work for), and more craziness ensued with my cut-from-the-same-cloth friend Alison and the sarcasm was flying fast and furious.  Super Hero parties and wine by the pool…..making chocolates a la I Love Lucy.  I’m so thankful I was able to keep up and not let my RA get in the way of a much needed break in the action from normal life.

Here are my top 5 tips for road trips with RA:

#1 Road tripping can result in stiff and sore joints.  Heck, I get stiff if I don’t move often enough at home. Stop and walk every couple of hours.  There are some easy exercises you can do when you stop.  Here are some in and out of the car suggestions from Women’s Day.  You can also do things like runner’s lunges to stretch your hip flexors. Ankle rotations are simple to do, as is side bending, arm rotations, and touching your toes. No special equipment needed!

Once we got to the conference, it was more sitting.  If that’s the situation for you, make sure to get up during long sessions and stand or take a stroll. If you absolutely can’t get up, try things like:
**The foot alphabet-write the letters of the alphabet with the big toe of one foot and then the other.
**Cheek Scrunches-Tighten your glutes (butt muscles) for five to 10 seconds. Relax, and repeat

#2 Regularly massage joints and muscles with essential oils.  I love to use doTERRA’s Deep Blue Rub, my Ostrich Balm, or my Lemongrass/Birch roller.
if I’m able to be the passenger.

PLEASE stick with your regular supplement routine. Your body needs the nutrients more then ever when you are on the road.  And it’s super easy to get out of your normal habits.  Set an alarm on your phone, tie a string around your finger or SOMETHING.

#3 Take, roll on and diffuse On Guard. On Guard protective blend is the perfect option for immune support.   Travel with a diffuser. With all the stressors on your system, it can be easy to get sick.  On Guard Plus softgels, a roller with On Guard/Oregano and a diffuser running with On Guard, Citrus Bliss or similar will help you ward off the creepy crawlies.  road trips with ra

#4 HYDRATE.   Keeping dehydration at bay will keep up your energy levels and reduce joint pain. Plus the more bathroom breaks you take, the more opportunities you have to sneak in some stretching. Adding a few drops of citrus oil or peppermint also helps with energy, will lift your mood and improve your focus. Plus you get the added benefit of additional immune support.  Forget the bad gas station coffee.  Stick with the H2O.

#5 Food prep.  Eating when you are away from home it’s so simple to fall into the junky food trap.  A little preparation goes a long way.  Pack snacks that fit into your diet.  Fresh veggies, fruits, protein bars (read labels to find good ones), nuts, hard boiled eggs etc are quick and easy.  Pack plenty to munch on and plan to visit a grocery store once you arrive.  There are so many healthy, portable options out there these days – take the time to locate a good grocery store and then utilize it!

These are really common sense suggestions, but sometimes it’s helpful to be reminded.  It helped me so much this trip (except I kinda failed on the coffee front, but hey, I did a good job on the rest, so that’s something).

What are your favorite tips for road trips with RA?

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