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What color is your gateway oil? Could it be DEEP Blue?

deep blueAs the oil community grows, so do the fun off-shoot businesses, like clever tshirts.  Saw one the other day that said "Lavender is the gateway oil."  Well.  Personally, I think Deep Blue is the gateway oil. It's pretty freakin' amazing.  I've heard it called just "Blue", " that blue stuff", and even  "THE Blue".  I've had countless volleyball girls fall in love with it and have had numerous folks get their wholesale account set up JUST for this stuff.   

I teach a lot of classes online to help people with joint and muscle issues.  I had to laugh when I was chatting with one of my Instagram people get excited to talk with me - who she referred to as "Deep Blue Sally". LOL!

My first oil order was the Family Physicians Kit (now the Family Essentials Kit).  It had Deep Blue oil in it. i found it really soothing, especially on my hands and wrists which were really bothering me at the time. I was coaching volleyball too, so I threw the bottle in my coaches bag so the girls could try it out too.  One sweet girl had a stiff shoulder, so we massaged it in and she was amazed at how much it helped. 

Well, the next month I decided to order the rub (has the blend in it, plus deep blue volleyball girlsa few complimentary ingredients in lotion form) and found out I loved it even more than just the oil blend.  The girls tried it and felt the same way. They quickly learned where in my coach's bag the blue tube was.  I had parent's calling me asking how they could get some of it for themselves.  I became the Blue Dealer.  LOL.  I still have a few folks that still call everything else "voodoo oils", but sure as heck don't hesitate to have me get them some good old Deep Blue.

Could this come in a 55 gallon Deep Blue drum?

When we were at Leadership last year, they released the liter pump bottle of Deep Blue.  You would have thought they company announced they were giving everyone in the room a wad of cash based on the reaction! I love seeing people's faces when I'm teaching a class and we pass the tube o' Blue around for people to try.  It's soothing, cool & warm at the same time, smells fab, and works for a LONG time.  Personally, I love to use it on any problem joints right after I shower for that tingly-intense sensation.  Just wash your hands after applying.  Especially you guys out there.  For Reals.So what's in it?

About 5mL of Deep Blue Soothing Blend - Wintergreen, Camphor, Peppermint, Ylang Ylang, Helichrysum, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, and Osmanthus, Eucalyptus, Capsicum frutescens extract - check out this study.  It also contains sweet almond oil, aloe, and some other stabilizers. It's not just me Here's a couple of stories from some of the Hope Health Healing oil family: 
My son Brandon plays baseball, and occasionally he will get hit with one or just be achy from playing. He will come home and go straight for the Deep Blue and he feels so much better the next day.  -Teresa W. 

Nighttime charlie horses are a pain! I have Deep Blue on the bathroom counter, which I apply after I hobble in there at 3am... The pain and tightness subside within minutes and I'm able to go back to sleep. -Dianne D. 

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