DIY Makeup Removal Pads

These Makeup Removal Pads are super simple, easy on the wallet, and so good for your skin

Makeup Removal pads

This project was so stinkin' fast, I have no idea why I hadn't tried it before.  With harsh ingredients and artificial fragrances that can irritate skin, DIY projects - like these Makeup Removal Pads - just makes sense.  Not only are you avoiding the toxic stuff, you are using ingredients that are oh-so-good for your skin. 

Makeup Removal Pads

So what's the scoop? Grab a wide mouth jar (we actually split the recipe and used jelly jars.  The width is perfect for the cotton pads we used) and gather the following:
Verage Facial Cleanser,
Geranium or Lavender Essential Oil,
Fractionated Coconut OIl,
Cotton Pads,
Witch Hazel,
cotton pads 

Fill Jar with Cotton Pads. Combine 2 squirts Verage, 2 tablespoons coconut oil, 2 drops Essential Oil, 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup witch hazel.  Whisk ingredients together and pour over cotton pads.  I closed up the jar and flipped it over for a bit. Not only are these Makeup Removal Pads great for makeup removal, we used them on our camping trip over the weekend to wipe off a scrape, to cool off (it was HOT) and get the sweat off, and to soothe the few bug bites (Terrashield kept most of the little buggers away).

If you're a DIYer, you should also be an oiler -- there are so many fun projects out there!

I always love finding practical uses for my oils, and when that includes being able to save money AND create something that is safer and better for me, I'm down with it.  It's kinda scary, what's allowed in the products we use.  That "fragrance" ingredient can be any combination of over 3,000 chemicals, some of which can be harmful or irritating.  But companies are not required to list them individually thanks to a loop hole.  Everything in these makeup removal wipes are natural and certainly doesn't require any additional artificial "fragrance' ingredients to smell great! Want to learn about where to get the best oils?    

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