Summer DIY Adventures

Summer DIY Moon SandIt's HOT outside, the perfect time for indoor Summer DIY fun!

The Summer Living Magazine from doTERRA is packed with tons of DIYs. I was particularly excited about the kid's projects since it's summer and we always have visits with the grands.  The littlest crazy, Wessy, is visiting this week. Today for our Summer DIY Adventure, we picked Moon Sand. Moon sand is an incredibly easy Summer DIY project - common ingredients, no fuss (but maybe just a little mess, but that's what grandma's do, right??) 

Moon Sand
Summer DIY - Moon Sand
 What you need:
8 cups flour
1 cup vegetable oil
8-10 drops Lavender essential oil (we used a combo of Wild Orange & Peppermint instead)

What you do: Combine all ingredients in a large bowl, mix with hands until well combined (add  more oil if needed to achieve a moldable consistency)

summer diy - moon sand
What an enjoyable, relaxing Summer DIY!

It is SO MUCH FUN.  We put the moon sand on a pan with low sides (I used a cookie sheet) to contain the sand, and then we built sand castles, made cakes, etc for about an hour.  And that's with a (just-about) 4 year old!  I loved the peppermint/wild orange aroma.  Using lavender would be perfect for a calming activity before nap time.  Summer DIY projects should be simple, fun, and low stress.  This one fits the bill perfectly. Wessy had a great time smashing my sand castles and making me cakes and other fancy "snacks"  AND we can play some more later.  The Moon Sand should keep for quite a while.  I think we'll get a rubbermaid style container for it so we can play with it many more times. 

Need some essential oils to use in this project?  Make sure they are pure and of the best quality.  doTERRA offers some of the best oils available.

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