Don't let sore joints ruin your night!

Sore joints slowing you down?

Sore Joints didn't keep me from hanging out with my girlsYou know those times when there's something you REALLY want to do, but your body says otherwise?  I've been there, and I know how frustrating, discouraging, and disappointing it can be.  There's no flowery way to put it: Sore joints suck. And, yes, sometimes we have to deal with our friends or family not understanding on top of that.  I'm fortunate in that my family has always been super supportive of whatever I need to do - my heart goes out to you all that don't have that. I do have a few tricks up my sleeve to help when my ankles and knees say no, but my head & heart say YES. 

 I am thankful that following a careful diet and supplement routine has dramatically reduced the times when this is an issue, but every once in a while the weather or a food I "splurge" on or even too much stress gets the better of me and I need some extra help.  One of the oil combos that is helpful to me when I'm dealing with occasional sore joints is Wintergreen and White Fir (where to get the best oils?) .  The simplest application is in a roller bottle with a carrier oil, though I'll also occasionally use some nourishing unscented lotion to massage a couple drops in. 

Achy Breaky Roller Rub 

In a 10ml roller- 10 drops Wintergreen 10 drops White Fir top off with a carrier oil (I prefer fractionated coconut oil or avocado oil but there are lots of others) (you can add other oils to this depending on your needs. Here are a couple of ideas: Lemongrass for muscular support, Cypress to support circulation, Frankincense, well, because it's awesome.  Just adjust total quantities.  I wouldn't use more than 30 total drops in the roller though) One of the many things I love about oils is that you can apply often.  For best results, use a little, use it early (as soon as you feel you need it), and use it often.  This may make you feel like you are able to keep moving.  I've found if I can get over the hump and start moving, things keep improving and I'm able to keep moving.  

I know everyone is different, and sometimes it takes fiddling around with different oils to find what your best combo is.  If you need help with suggestions, I'm happy to help

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