Coconut & Cinnamon in the morning

What a tasty way to start the day  - with some natural energy too

I am totally NOT a morning person.  I did have a brief period of time coconut & cinnamon oil - a natural energy boostwhere I enjoyed mornings, but that insanity passed quickly.  I need time in my bubble before I join the world, and then it's all good -- and one of the few things allowed in the bubble is coffee.  I have actually found a way to make my first cup that makes me want to get out of bed.  Crazy?  maybe. And if you're choosing those energy drinks as your way to get moving - read the label please, and then look at this much more natural energy option. 

What is the magic potion?  
A cup of GOOD coffee (really, get quality coffee, it's not expensive per cup and its SO worth it), a Tablespoon of organic virgin coconut oil, and a drop of cinnamon essential oil (want to know where I get mine?).  And here's the secret - Blend the crap out of it.  Our Ninja has a great attachment for smoothies that is handy here. You get a frothy latte-like steaming cup of wonderfulness. It's amazingly delicious and it has some incredible health benefits too. 

 According to the Coconut Mama, coconut oil gives you energy and speeds up your metabolism.  She talks about it boosting our immune system, which can be problematic for those of us with auto-immune conditions, so I did some more digging.  I think a more accurate way to put it is that it will help many systems in your body function better and virgin coconut oil is  packed with antioxidants that aid in a healthy inflammatory response. Cinnamon oil not only adds wonderful flavor, but has some benefits for our health & wellness as well.  It supports a healthy immune system, and promotes a healthy cardiovascular system too.  It aids in healthy cholesterol levels and offers digestive support as well.  All that in one simple, tasty drop.    

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